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Utilizing Advanced Data in New Digital Tool for Real Estate Developers

The technology company Ambita has developed a new digital solution enabling real estate developers to easily find new potential projects. The solution is utilizing data from properties and areas across Norway. The advanced 3D-technology enables visualization and planning in detail. The company is confident the digital tool will simplify complex planning processes tremendously.

PropFinder is a digital tool designed specifically for real estate developers and companies seeking valuable insight about property areas and buildings. Traditionally, assessing and analyzing new developing projects are comprehensive and time consuming.

"To address these challenges, we developed PropFinder to enable real estate developers to calculate risk and evaluate objects more effectively."

- Eirik Foss Stene, Head of Real Estate development in Ambita. 


Evaluating Risk

- When developing or purchasing properties for investment purposes, being able to obtain large amounts of information in a short time window is crucial. To eliminate potential projects that carries high risk, the information should preferably have a relatively small cost. It has been very clear to us that the industry needs a solution that unites all these components in a visual way, Foss Stene adds.

PropFinder enables tailored property searches all across Norway. The search can be categorized based on area, demographic differences, or size. The menu contains different map layers such as road noise, ground pollution and much more as well as providing a full overview of important information about the property including ownership details, registered documents, and regional regulations. This ensures immediate access to information about conditions that can impact the risk associated with the project as well as potential developing opportunities.

Visualizing property potential in 2D and 3D

The new tool also offers the ability to visualize properties and areas in both 2D and 3D environments. The 3D-technology enables the user to evaluate scenarios in a fully realistic environment with various advanced features. It is possible to place and remove construction, measure height differences and distances using line measurements, measure viewpoints as well as evaluating sunlight and shade conditions. These features enable the user to visually identify potential limitations and possibilities.

“PropFinder is advanced technology combined with an extensive amount of real estate data united in one convenient user-friendly solution. We are convinced that this is a full-fledged power tool for professionals seeking to localize properties and gain detailed knowledge regarding their potential.”

- Petter Skotvold, Ambita

Digital reports and DOK-analysis

To simplify information sharing PropFinder contains a unique report function that extracts and summarizes information of importance regarding the property conditions. The reports can be extracted as a PDF or HTML page. You can also place an order for an extensive area and property analysis on any property. This is a standardized analysis that provides information stating whether a course of action on the property causes conflict with any nature conditions, cultural sites or other registered data on the property or nearby area in terms of risk and vulnerability. The document can serve as an attachment to building applications.

Unique data access

- PropFinder offers real estate developers the most complete datasets available on the Norwegian market, states Eirik Foss Stene. He says this is due to the unique data access Ambita provides with an extensive real estate database combined with the advanced visual features and 3D-technology.

With over twenty years of actively acquiring and digitalizing real estate information on Norwegian properties as the very core of their business, Ambita has obtained the most complete database on real estate information in the country. The data from Infoland, their digital research portal, Geodata, as well as other national sources combined with the innovative technology are key factors that make PropFinder a full-fledged tool for real estate developers.

PropFinder is part of Ambitas portfolio of digital services for the Norwegian real estate market. Their plan for the nearby future is to continue the development of PropFinder in collaboration with customers that are currently using the tool in the first phase of real estate development. The ambition is to save time and reduce risk for real estate developers by creating a comprehensive digital tool backed by industry leading datasets and cutting-edge visualization features.


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Ingrid Bergsten

Marketing Assistant