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Ambita and Boligmappa cooperates to provide realters with more documentation and valuable information

Ambita is the leading supplier of real estate documentation in Norway. They work closely with realters and other organs in the industry ensuring that Infoland is the complete online portal to obtain documentation on any property. Boligmappa targets private homeowners as well as electricians, plumbers and other craftsmen to ensure a digital common platform to store documentation on a specific housing.

Ambita and Boligmappa is now working together to utilize the benefits of including “Boligmappa” as an optional product in the Ambita Infoland portal. They are aiming to supply realters with more valuable information about the sales object.

Realters’ duty to provide information is receiving more attention

On January 1st this year, several significant changes were made to the act governing the selling and purchasing of properties in Norway, known as The Alienation Act (Avhendingsloven). The purpose has been to create a housing market with less conflicts. The act has led to increased responsibility for the professionals handling the sales and purchasing processes. As a result, even though the realters specifically are not obligated to acquire more information about a property, the act has caused more attention towards the documentation that should be obtained and presented during a sales process.

Boligmappa available as a product in “Infoland”

In the Infoland portal, realters acquire all property information that they are legally obligated to obtain during the sales process. In addition, they can obtain more documentation with information that can provide them with more valuable knowledge about the object. Considering the recent changes and attention to documentation contributing to less risk and conflict involved in the sales process Ambita has been working to offer as much valuable information in the portal as possible. Boligmappa was therefore natural to include as an optional product giving realters easy access to additional documentation that can contribute to decrease risk associated with the sale a in various ways.

The realter acquire more knowledge about the property

As of now, over 5500 craft businesses across the country of Norway use Boligmappa to document their work. Boligmappa contains information about the work that has been done on a property and which company performed it. With this information not only being available for the homeowner but also for a realter gives the latter detailed knowledge about the object. This knowledge helps the realter prepare for an inspection as well as make them more confident knowing what they are selling.

Less risk for potential byers

The more knowledge the realter has about the condition of the selling object and the documentation available from work performed by previous owners, the higher the quality on the information they communicate to a potential buyer. The knowledge from Boligmappa can therefore contribute to transparency and create a safer environment in the process. Investing in a home is typically along the largest investments people do during their lifetime. For potential buyers considering putting in an offer, safety and reduced risk plays an important role. In fact, it can impact their willingness to pay which can result in a higher offer.

The sales documents are stored in Boligmappa

When the transaction goes through and the process is finished, all documentation from the sale bought through Ambita Infoland can be uploaded into Boligmappa. Ambita and Boligmappa is currently working with realter companies establishing an automatic upload for documentation sending all purchased documents associated with a sale directly from the realters professional system. Their goal is to ensure that all realters purchasing real estate documentation from Ambita Infoland will have the opportunity to digitally transfer the documents as soon as the sale is completed.

Increased chances the realter will be rehired

Ambita and Boligmappa are convinced that all documentation from a sales process will be available in the homes’ Boligmappe in the future. For the realter this means that the homeowner easily can figure out who previously sold the home. More precisely, the realters digital business card is stored on their previous listings. This can increase the probability for them to receive the listing when the home returns to the market.

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Ingrid Bergsten

Marketing Assistant