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Investor Relations Policy

Investor Relations (IR) work in Sikri Holding ASA (Sikri) shall help build trust and awareness about Sikri in the investor market and ensure that all IR activities are conducted in compliance with relevant rules, regulations, and recommendations. IR work will ensure that shareholders and financial market stakeholders have access to complete, accurate and relevant information about Sikri Holding and our companies.



Sikri values an open and proactive approach in our dialogue with all our stakeholders and participants in the capital markets. Our IR purpose is to ensure that any relevant information, that may impact the valuation of the Sikri share is readily made available to the public, to increase understanding about the Sikri share, our financial and business drivers and clarify underlying risk – to contribute to a pricing of the Sikri share reflecting operational performance and underlying values.


Financial reporting

Reporting of financial information shall follow regulations set out by the Norwegian Securities and Trading Act and Euronext Growth Oslo Stock Exchange’s continuing obligations for listed companies. We publish quarterly result reports and presentations to shareholders, investors, and analysts, and make this information available on our website as well as on the Euronext Growth website, on dates published in our financial calendar. Any other information, which could have a potential impact on Sikri Holding’s future development and the Sikri Holding share, shall be made available to the market without delay.



Sikri does not provide guidance on overall future financial performance, but may communicate guidance or targets for distinct segments or product/business areas. Sikri may also provide sensitivities or KPIs that may be used for calculations. Any such guidance or drivers will be communicated simultaneously to the public.


Investor relations spokespersons

The official investor relations (IR) spokespersons of the company are the CEO and CFO of Sikri. Their contact information is:

CEO Nicolay Moulin
Email: nicolay.moulin@sikri.no
Mobile: +47 905 91 983

CFO Camilla Aardal
Email: camilla.aardal@sikri.no
Mobile: +47 971 05 155