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"Our ambition is to build the leading Nordic ecosystem for public administration, property technology, analysis, and data."


Nicolay Moulin


Nicolay Moulin ny

Using innovative technologies we connect public sector, private industries, and citizens.

The Sikri Group represents approximately 600 FTEs, including external development capacity.

Technology and data are essential in maintaining the welfare level in the Nordics, and outdated technology can be a hindrance to this. Therefore, it is important for the Group that we, as a software house, develop modern, up-to-date, solutions.

A common denominator for the Sikri Group is that we deliver modern Cloud based services and shorten the journey towards value creation for our customers, through our solutions. We create a more transparent society through data collection, sharing and usage.

Some examples of our contribution to society welfare are: For public sector we provide daily updates of public journals with content from our systems, which is important for a well-functioning democracy. 

Within the real estate market, daily updates with real time information can contribute to reducing the occurrence of black labor.

Based on our existing positions we will develop new services and create sustainable values for our customers and society.

It is important for us that we follow regulatory requirements, national standards, best in class security and technological trends. This enables us to be on the front line, ensuring that our customers always have updated and modern products and services.
We connect public sector, private businesses, and citizens:

-> All life events use data, and we use data in a secure way for the benefit of society

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