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Sikri Holding ASA

Insight and interactions made effortless


Sikri Holding successfully uplists on Euronext Oslo Børs.



Our companies



Ambita offers digital solutions based on real-estate data, providing customers with a more efficient and transparent processes when investing, buying, and selling property.


Sikri AS

Sikri AS provides critical software solutions to the public sector for case processing, building applications, archiving, and document management.


Metria AB

Metria provides IT solutions and services in GIS, geodata, business and real estate information and geodetic surveying to authorities, municipalities and companies.

VIRDI_Big brand


VIRDI makes property data previously available only to professional actors such as real estate agents and banks open to everyone.



Boligmappa collects and digitalizes data and documentation of quality for work performed by contractors in houses and buildings.



Prognosesenteret specializes in prognoses and analyses that allow the construction industry and real estate market to make better-informed decisions.

Our values


Our unique position, providing services that connects consumers, the private and public sector, gives us a holistic approach to product development. We don’t just think outside the box, we tear down its barriers.


We work together within each company and across the group, with our partners, clients and the public to create digital eco-systems that in turn enables society to work together and interact seamlessly. All because we believe collaboration is key to building a sustainable future.


Sustainability is a major inherent part of all our solutions. We believe in clever and responsible utilization of digital possibilities to reach our common goals. Reduced costs, effort and spent resources benefit people, society and the planet. 


We earn the trust of our colleagues, partners and clients, and strengthen trust in society by creating digital services that promotes transparency and enables smooth interaction between all.